Step by step digital transformation

Brayton House helps your organization to go through a digital transformation. With better service as its outcome. Better cooperation between your employees. Smarter organization, and business processes. Higher turnover and/or lower costs. And, of course, happier customers. We have worked on this type of transformation for such organizations as Wooninc., Landal GreenParks, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Kentalis, and Alliander.

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What do we do?

Get to know your customers better

We help your organisation to get to know your customers even better. Or your citizens, business relations, tenants, patients, or donors. And your employees. We work from these two basic elements:

  1. Empathy: real understanding of people, their needs, motivations, and context.
  2. Evidence: observation of their behaviour on your digital platforms.

Making your business decisions based solely on data, could have you jumping to conclusions. And just listening to people’s stories, is not tangible enough to act upon. It’s the combination of the two that makes the difference.

Serve your customers better

We help your organization to serve your customers even better, through:

  • A strategic foundation underneath your digital platforms.
  • Designing for customers’ tasks, usability, user-friendliness and accessibility.
  • Efficient, and effective governance and management organization.
  • Analytics, usability tests, and task performance tests.

This enables you to continually optimize your digital platforms. Sometimes we take things off of our client’s hands, sometimes we train and coach your employees, sometimes both.

Better cooperation

We help your employees to cooperate better. They are indispensable, because your organization’s culture will also change. We shift focus to customer’s needs. Improve business processes based on the customer’s journey. And connect organizational silos.


What does this get you?

  • Better digital service.
  • Better collaboration between employees.
  • Smarter organization and processes.
  • Higher turnover and/or lower costs.
  • Happy customers, citizens, relations, tenants, patients or donors.