What do we do?

Get to know your employees better

We help your organisation to get to know your employees even better. To do this, we work from these two basic elements:

  1. Empathy: real understanding of people, their needs, motivations, and context.
  2. Evidence: observation of their behaviour on your digital platforms.

Making your business decisions based solely on data, could have you jumping to conclusions. And just listening to people’s stories, is not tangible enough to act upon. It’s the combination of the two that makes the difference.

Serve your employees better

We help your organisation to serve your employees even better. This is how we do that:

  • Defining a strategic foundation for your intranet and digital workplace.
  • Selecting the right technical platform.
  • Making sure that the intranet is implemented as well as adopted.
  • Creating an efficient, and effective governance and management organization.
  • Monitoring, data analysis, and usability tests.

This enables you to continuously improve your digital workplace. Sometimes we take things off of our client’s hands, sometimes we train and coach their employees, sometimes both.


What does this get you?

  • Better digital employee experience (DEX).
  • Better internal communications and service.
  • Better collaboration between employees.
  • Happier employees, who now have more time to serve customers, tenants, patients, students, donors, or guests.